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A turbulent and increasingly competitive global economy, and the rapid pace of change in business models, technology and customer demand are all drivers of business transformation. Executives launching business transformation for their enterprise need exceptional Business Architects to ensure their success.
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The Business Architects Association (BAA) develops, promotes, supports and maintains standards of practice in the field of Business Architecture, ensures the proficiency and professionalism of practitioners through competency requirements and certification, and provides resources to increase awareness of the discipline in the global marketplace.
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 "There could, or perhaps should, be a shake-up in many businesses' organizational layout. Jeanne Ross, director and principal research scientist at the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management, said one thing is coming to light -- enterprise architecture doesn't fall under the IT umbrella. Architecture is something a company needs to be good at, said Ross. It means architecting the organizational structures and the roles, the processes, the responsibilities, the accountabilities, and I think it's clear this is not just an IT thing anymore."

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